Getting started with Family Zone

Your school has partnered with Family Zone to provide you with tools, education and support to help you create a cyber safe home with all of your child's devices. On this page you will find resources to help you get the most out of your Family Zone account.

Your school has provided you with a complimentary Family Zone Insights subscription

Family Zone Insights is designed to give parents the information needed to help guide their children in making informed, healthy decisions about their online behavior on their personal and school-issued devices.

It provides weekly snapshot reports about online activity, and offers access to the latest advice from cyber experts, including app reviews and parent guides, to help you with your child’s online development.

Getting started with Family Zone Insights


Download the app

Download the Family Zone Connect app on your device and set it up as a “Parent”, allowing you to manage your account on the go.

Need help? Check out the Installing Family Zone guides here.


Set up your account

Next, you simply need to set up your Family Zone Insights account.

  1. Create your account using your parent email address (this email must match the email address associated with your child's school).
  2. At the end of account creation, you will see your children listed. 
  3. Set each child's date of birth.
  4. Once all children have their birth dates entered, tap the Continue to link button.

Need more help? Watch the How To video or check out the How To guides here.


Take a look around

Watch this video for an introduction to the Family Zone app and how it works.

Getting more out of Family Zone Insights

How to review Snapshots

An overview of what happened online this week for your child.


How to review your child's usage reports

Regularly updated usage information to help you engage with your child's online activity.


Locate your child’s device

Having peace of mind when you allow your children to have freedom and independence.


Family Zone's app and game reviews

There are thousands of apps your child can install and use. How can you be sure these apps are safe?

Got a question? Need a hand?

Get in touch with the Family Zone team to help you make the most of your account.

Review Snapshots

Providing information to help you engage and support your child’s online development at home.

We're on YouTube

You can access all of our how-to videos on the Family Zone YouTube channel.